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Area Light Rates

Current Area Light Rates

Available to all members of CEC for outdoor lighting. 

Small Security Light:

$8.50 per month

Large Security Light:

$13 per month

HPS Flood Light:

$25 per month

Large Street Light:

$25 per month



Conditions of Service

  1. The term of service shall be for a minimum of one year, and thereafter until termination is requested be the member. 
  2. CEC will, at its own cost, install, operate, and maintain its standard lighting fixture, which shall burn automatically from dusk to dawn. CEC will replace burned-out lamps and otherwise maintain the fixture during regular working hours as soon as practicable after notification by the member. All facilities shall be owned by CEC. 
  3. The pole to which the light fixture is attached may be a pole owned by CEC, or provided by the member and approved by CEC. 
  4. Location of the light shall be mutually agreeable to the member and CEC. The light shall be installed within a distance of one span from existing unmetered 120-volt service. The member shall pay CEC actual costs of additional facilities required for service in excess of this distance. 
  5. After the fixture is installed, it will be relocated at the member's request, only upon payment in advance of the costs involved. 


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