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Board of Directors

CEC is governed by a democratically elected, eight member Board of Directors who are local residents and members of CEC.

They are your Board of Directors, elected from and by the membership to oversee the operations of your cooperative and work collectively to represent the best interests of their fellow members. Each director lives in one of the seven counties that make up CEC’s service territory, and each director represents all CEC members.

The eight positions are elected on a rotating basis for four-year terms.


Current Board Members I Running for the Board I Director Expectations



Board Members


Kenneth D. Durrett



Kenneth D. Etzel



Nancy Lendyak

  • Joined the board in 2014.
  • Represents Armstrong County.
  • CEC member since 1978.
  • Retired from Karns City High school.
  • Has a bachelor's degree and a master's equivalency from Clarion University.
  • Serves as a Clarion University Alumni Board director, Morgan Scholarship trustee, Chicora Area Salvation Army Red Kettle volunteer and Wreaths Across America PA ambassador to Arlington Cemetery. 




Althea Smith

  • Joined the board in 1995.
  • Represents Venango County.
  • CEC member since 1979.
  • Serves as the Secretary and Treasurer of the board and as CEC’s PREA Director.
  • Retired from Venus Telephone Company.





Robert W. Smith

  • Appointed to the board in 2019. 


  • Represents Butler County. 


  • CEC member since 2013. 


  • Has Bachelor Degrees in Chemistry and Business from California University of Pennsylvania. 


  • Retired from MRC Global (an industrial equipment supplier) where he was the Global Director for the quality department.  


  • Moved to the area from Charleston, West Virginia in 2013 to be near to their only daughter Heather, husband Bob Hensel, and their one grandchild Peyton.




Bette D. Walters

  • Joined the board in 1988.
  • Represents Forest County.
  • CEC member since 1977.
  • Retired from the Penn State University Cooperative Extension.


  • Obtained a bachelor’s degree in home economics from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a master’s degree in communications from Clarion University of Pennsylvania.





Jody P. Weaver

  • Joined the board in 2008.
  • Represents Clarion County.
  • CEC member since 1976.
  • Serves as the President of the board.
  • Has a Director Gold Cooperative Certificate from NRECA signifying he has earned all possible director accreditations.
  • Retired as the senior loan officer and assistant vice president at the First United National Bank in Fryburg after 43 years.
  • Continues to serve on the banks' board of directors.



Richard Weaver





Running for the Board

First you have to notify us that you’re interested. To do this you must complete and submit the coupon in the February issue of our Power Lines newsletter by the deadline stated with the coupon.

Once we verify you meet the initial eligibility requirements you will receive a full qualifications list and nominating petition. If you meet all of the qualifications, you will then send a written request, including your full name, address, phone number, county of residence and account number, along with a completed petition signed by 20 cooperative members to the nominating committee by the deadline.

After we confirm your eligibility, you will visit CEC to attend an orientation meeting and meet with the nominating committee for an interview. The committee then submits a list of the eligible candidates for placement on the ballot.

Nominee names, photo and background information are presented in the July issue of Power Lines. Cooperative members vote by mail or internet prior to the annual meeting, or vote by paper ballot on the day of the meeting, prior to the meeting’s commencement. Election results are announced before the conclusion of the meeting.

Two counties’ seats are up for election every year. To learn what counties are up for election this year please see February’s Power Lines newsletter or contact us at 800-521-0570.




Director Expectations

Expectations of all board members include but are not limited to:

  • Must attend all regular monthly board meetings on the third Monday of each month. They usually begin at either 1:30 or 6:30 p.m. and adjourn three to four hours later.
  • Must attend all special board meetings, committee meetings and CEC’s annual meeting. Directors should also attempt to attend one NRECA Meeting or Director’s Conference every year. Click here to learn more about the NRECA Director Education program. 
  • Other meetings directors attend include one and two day educational seminars.  Directors are encouraged to complete their NRECA Credentialed Cooperative Director Certification program.
  • Directors spend 23-35 days each year representing CEC.
  • A director is expected to read and be familiar with information and financial reports from CEC, and/or other state and national associations.
  • A director represents all members of CEC, not a geographic region.
  • A director should work in harmony with the whole board. A director must also have the self-confidence and communication skills to express their opinion or disagreement with other directors.
  • Directors are encouraged to join CEC’s political action committee.




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