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July Energy Tips: Room Air Conditioners

When installing your room air conditioner this year, be sure to keep the following in mind for the most comfortable and energy efficient results.

  • Follow instructions provided with the unit for proper installation. This means use the foam insulation provided and replace if damaged over time. The most efficient operation can be achieved with no major air leaks.
  • Be sure the unit is level for proper drainage.
  • Set the thermostat to 78 degrees to offer comfort and cost effectiveness.
  • Do not place items like lamps and televisions near the thermostat. They can create heat and cause the unit to run unnecessarily.
  • On humid days, set the unit's fan to low. Slower air movement removes more moisture.
  • Use a fan to spread the cool air from the unit.
  • Take the unit out at the end of the season, whenever possible, to prevent heat loss in colder months.



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