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Load Management Agreement Form


Central Electric Cooperative, Inc. will offer a special off-peak rate to any member who agrees to permit the cooperative to control their primary electric heat source and electric water heater.


The special rate and cost of service will be reviewed on an annual basis and will be adjusted in accordance with the regular retail rate schedule. This special off-peak rate is currently about 40 percent lower than the regular residential rate. 


To be eligible for this rate, the member must consume an average of 6,000 kWhs annually on the interrupted service. An additional service panel not to exceed 200 amps is required. The member must have two metered services installed, one for the regular rate, and one for the Load Control system or by a separate load control receiver. The member is prohibited from installing other electrical equipment or appliances to the Load Control service panel with the exception of the appliances listed above. The member is permitted to retain a maximum of 1,000 watts heating load on the uninterrupted service. Any other appliances must be pre-approved by the cooperative. The circuits for the Load Control appliances must be dedicated circuits per NEC standards. The cooperative reserves the right to periodically inspect the member's service after installation of a 2-panel Load Control System.


The member understands and agrees that service is controlled and may be interrupted as needed during peak demand periods not to exceed 12 hours total in one 24-hour period, under normal conditions excluding unforeseen power outages. 


Adequate backup heat protection during control periods is the member's responsibility. Failure to do so by the member does not in any way constitute a liability for Central Electric Cooperative for any damages to items such as plumbing, plaster, etc. 

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Under the terms of this agreement form, I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the cooperative including those set forth above by inserting my initials here.
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