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November Energy Tips: Get the SmartHub App!

link to smarthub

Getting information from your electric co-op is easier than ever.

This month, take a look at what our SmartHub account center has to offer.

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SmartHub Account Center

SmartHub is the online account center used to access your Central Electric Co-op account. You can access SmartHub from a desktop computer and now from the convenience of your mobile device.

There are more ways to connect and take control of your account. No need to wait for a paper statement to learn about your electric usage. SmartHub shares monthly, daily, and hourly usage to help you take control and learn about your usage patterns and track changes.

link to smarthub

Access On the Go

We know you have a lot to do and we want you to have a quick and easy way to connect with us. Get our mobile app and connect when you can - anywhere, anytime. In the app, see how much your bill is, make payments, connect to our online resources, get an overview of your usage, and more.


SmartHub App Homepage:

link to smarthub

Get insight into how your household uses electricity. When do you use the most electricity? Have changes in your home affected your consumption?

Usage View in the SmartHub App:

link to smarthub


link to smarthub   link to smarthub


link to smarthub   link to smarthub

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