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Understanding Your Bill

Copy of CEC's Bill

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1. Kilowatt Use History: This chart shows average kilowatt-hours used and your average cost per day for the month being billed. A bar graph shows kilowatt-hours used in the current month and the last 12 months. This information will help you track your energy use effectively.

2. Message Area: Look for important cooperative information, changes and announcements in this area.

3. Account & Meter Info: Lists your account number, rate schedule, billing period, previous and present meter readings, and how many kilowatt-hours were used during this billing period.


- G & T Charges: Kilowatt-hour charges for production and transmission of electricity from an energy supplier to the cooperatives distribution system.

- Generation Recovery: The costs associated with operating and maintaining our generating plants.


- Base Charge: The costs associated with operating and maintaining our distribution system. If your service is connected to our distribution system, you pay this charge even if you do not use any kilowatt-hours.

- Distribution Charge: The cost, per kilowatt-hour, to deliver electricity from the cooperative to a member’s home or business.

6. Account Receivable Info: Your total current amount due and any amounts you have past due.

7. Non-Basic Charges: Charges not related to generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. May include capital credit refunds, round-up contributions, security lights, reconnection fees, etc.

8. Payment Due: Lists the date and amount of payment due. If you use automated payments, this area will indicate when the money is withdrawn from your bank account.

Your meter is read automatically. The cooperative reads your meter each month using an automated meter reading (AMR) system. An automated meter sends your reading electronically over the power lines.

If you have additional questions about your bill please contact Ken Maleski for residential members at 800-521-0570 x2133 or Commercial members should contact Chris Panian at 800-521-0570 at x2134 or


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