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Welcome to Central Electric Cooperative


Central Electric Cooperative's (CEC) goal is to provide continual power. But storms, trees, wildlife and other factors outside of our control create occasional power outages.

Portable emergency generators can economically provide enough power to meet essential needs during these rare occasions. 


Here are ways to cut the amount of energy and money you spend drying clothes:


Dear Members, 

I am writing this announcement in an attempt to keep our members informed about a troubling increase in the frequency and duration of power supply outages experienced on Central Electric Cooperative’s (CEC's) system.

Central Electric Cooperative (CEC) recently released its water heater installation program. But if you are not in the market for a new tank, why not earn a cool $50 one-time bill credit and an ongoing $2.50 monthly bill credit by participating in our load management program with your existing electric water heater. Here is how it works:


PARKER, Pennsylvania, May 31, 2016 - June 1 marks the beginning of Peak Alert season for Central Electric Cooperative (CEC) members. Radio and website announcements will be issued when electric demand is highest on hot, humid weekday afternoons. Members are asked to conserve energy by turning off or raising the thermostat on such items as air conditioners, heat pumps, dehumidifiers and pool pumps. 

Attention members!

Central Electric Cooperative's (CEC) water heater program begins on June 1. It offers complete peace of mind service for your hot water needs. Let CEC install a 75 gallon Marathon lifetime water heater with our professional contractor, Dr. Waterheater, Inc., for the low price of only $670 (a $1,128 retail value).  

The program is for residential members only (excludes mobile homes due to tank size, seasonal and nonresidential accounts).

Working from home saves energy and time by cutting out the commute, but it may increase your home energy bills unless you incorporate some energy-saving ideas.

Here are some tips to save energy at your home office:



Computers use the most energy in office equipment. Here is some computer saving advice:

PARKER, Pa. May 16, 2016 - Central Electric Cooperative (CEC) is proud to announce its 2016 Good Neighbor Scholarship winners. Selection was based on each candidate's merit for nonpaid service to community, church and school. Fifteen students of cooperative members will each receive a $2,000 scholarship to further their education. 

It is always best to have a heat pump or air conditioner unit serviced regularly by a professional. But there are some Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tasks members can do to keep units running tip top. 


Clear Around Outdoor Unit

The most important factor for efficient operation is getting maximum air flow through the outdoor condenser. Cut plants and branches back to provide at least 2 feet of clearance.


Anyone who uses them regularly knows that dehumidifiers are among the biggest electricity hogs. Using a dehumidifier to suck moisture out of the air can cost more than $100 a year on electricity bills.

There are actually many ways to minimize dehumidifying costs and still remove excess moisture. Here are a few:



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