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Water Heater Program = A Great Deal!

The Department of Energy has ruled that standard electric water heaters over 55 gallons in capacity can no longer be manufactured after April 1, 2015. Central Electric Cooperative's (CEC) water heater program specifically incorporates 80-gallon tanks. Larger volume tanks permit longer load control times stabilizing future power costs. Larger tanks also provide members with plenty of hot water during our load control periods.

Stay Warm For Less

We sure have had our share of cold, numbing temperatures this winter. Staying warm has taken a big bite out of our budgets. Here are some ways to keep cozy without spending a bunch.


High Winter Bills

February doles out some of the highest annual energy costs, and recent extreme temperatures have taxed our heating systems.

We cannot change the cold weather. But here are some ideas to make changes in your home that can save energy:


What is Energy Star

Most of us refer to Consumers Report or Kelly Blue Book when making an automobile purchase. We trust these resources to guide us in making the right choice. 

The Energy Star logo is a similar guide that helps members know they are purchasing energy-efficient appliances that will save them money and help the environment.


Choosing a Generator 

More and more people are purchasing emergency generators for power outages. Here are some items to consider before making a purchase.


Power Requirements        

A 5,000 to 7,000 watt generator should be able to handle the bare essentials needed to tough out an outage for a day or so. Most members will need to connect the following: 

Stay Warm Cheaply

Some people like a cold bedroom. If you are not one of them, it can be somewhat expensive to use an electric space heater all night (about $25 to $30 a month). Why not consider some other options.


2014 CEC Year-End Report: Our Power is in Our Members!

PARKER, Pa., Jan. 14, 2015 - In 2014, Central Electric Cooperative (CEC) continued providing safe, reliable electricity at a reasonable cost to its member-owners, was committed to the communities it serves, and dedicated to the Cooperative Difference.


Daily Electric Usage

Members can now review daily electric usage with CEC's "SmartHub." This application is valuable especially if you want to see how much your bill is going to be before you receive it. The process is quick and simple.


Create a SmartHub Account

Simply log onto our website at  www.central.coop and click on the SmartHub banner at the top right side of our home page.

Winter Savings With Ceiling Fans

Most members are aware ceiling fans are effective for summer comfort and energy savings. But many are surprised to learn how effective they can be in winter. Ceiling fans can help you feel warmer and may actually reduce heating costs -- we all need some savings after that hefty Christmas shopping credit card bill coming due in January!


Tank Less Electric Water Heaters

I receive calls from time to time asking if a tank less electric water heater is the way to go. The idea of constantly heating water in a big conventional tank sounds mighty inefficient and wasteful. Lets look at the pros and cons of a tank less water heater. Then you be the judge for your own situation.


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