Get Involved with CEC -- Join the MAAC!

Wednesday | October 13, 2021

Central Electric Cooperative (CEC) is currently looking for members to serve on its 2022-2023 Member Aware Advisory Committee (MAAC). This is a respected committee designed to offer members the chance to share ideas and feedback directly with cooperative employees and members.

As a MAAC member, you would have the chance to discuss and contribute ideas on issues directly concerning cooperative members. You will also have the chance to submit recommendations to the Board of Directors and management. This committee will meet eight times (once a quarter) throughout the 2022-2023 term.

CEC will select representatives from the following counties to serve on the committee: Armstrong, Butler, Clarion, Forest and Venango. In keeping with the cooperative’s bylaws, Allegheny County members shall be affiliated with Butler County and Mercer County members with Venango County.

MAAC members must be residential members with their permanent residence on cooperative lines in the county they represent. In addition to residential members, the committee will also include a seasonal representative who is required to have a seasonal account on cooperative lines. 

All interested members must be in good standing with the cooperative to be considered. CEC's Board of Directors will appoint members if there are no volunteers for a specific county.

MAAC members receive a per diem and mileage compensation for attending each meeting. 

CEC would like to recognize the 2020-2021 MAAC members for their dedication and outstanding efforts. They are: Tom and Laura Hahn of Armstrong County; Bob and Sandy Boda of Butler County; Michael and Deanna Panza of Butler County; Albert Coppock III of Butler County; Tim and Amy Farrell of Forest County; Beverly McAnallen of Clarion County; James and Suzanne Reed of Clarion County; Dan and Jayme Hurrelbrink of Clarion County; Larry and Carol Shaffer of Venango County; John and Lisa Groner of Venango County; and seasonal representative Linda Costanzo.

If you are interested in serving on the MAAC committee, please click here. Interested members must submit their information by Dec. 1.