Monday | April 10, 2023

Central Electric Cooperative (CEC) cares about giving members reliable and reasonably priced electricity. While many of the cooperative’s decisions are made internally, sometimes decisions affecting our membership are made by legislators in Harrisburg and Washington, D.C. 

CEC recognizes the importance of expressing concerns and providing information about co-ops and rural communities to our nation’s leaders. CEC’s relationship with national, state and local legislators greatly benefits the co-op and our members.

The Action Committee for Rural Electrification® (ACRE®) Co-op Owners for Political Action provides a voice for electric cooperatives. ACRE® is a non-partisan political action committee that aids legislators who support cooperative initiatives.

Your participation in ACRE®  will support legislators who understand our interests and fight for co-op members. For just a few dollars, you can help CEC strengthen and enhance our grassroots network. Members can also support ACRE® initiatives by knowing co-op issues, engaging with local legislators as an electric cooperative leader, and by voting. 

Each membership makes a difference. Please consider making the commitment to support the future of rural communities with ACRE®.

You can add your voice to this important cause and join ACRE® Co-op Owners for Political Action by filling out the form on page three of the April edition of PowerLines, CEC's newsletter, or by clicking the link below. 


Click here for more information or to join ACRE® Co-op Owners for Political Action.