Go Paperless with SmartHub!
Friday | April 1, 2022

Deliveries to your home can be exciting, so don't let a utility bill in your mailbox get you down -- enroll in paperless billing! Plus! All members who are signed up for paperless billing by May 16 will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $100 bill credit -- CEC will give away five, $100 bill credits! 

First, you have to sign up for SmartHub so you can connect with CEC electronically. SmartHub is a web and mobile app that allows you to take control of all aspects of your CEC account. It allows you to pay your bill, manage your usage, and contact CEC with service issues quickly and easily online or on your mobile device.

Once you have SmartHub, you can enroll in paperless billing, receive email notifications when your bill is available, and access your statement from anywhere anytime. Plus! All members newly enrolled will receive a $10 one-time bill credit for going paperless! For even more convenience, you can even download the SmartHub app

Enrolling in paperless billing has many other benefits. It helps CEC save money -- which saves you, the member, money and helps the environment. In 2022, CEC has set the goal of getting 5,000 members to enroll in paperless billing. Accomplishing this goal not only reduces energy consumption and our carbon footprint but saves 120,000 envelopes, 180,000 sheets of paper, $70,000 in postage, and 24 trees -- each year!

Additionally, members who wish to take all the hassle out of bill payment can also enroll in CEC's Auto Pay program -- also through SmartHub. Through this program, your monthly due amount can automatically be deducted from a bank account or credit card on the due date of the bill. Plus! Members who enroll in Auto Pay will receive an additional $10 one-time bill credit for participating! 

CEC's SmartHub has always allowed you to access your account at your convenience. And now, for a limited time, enrolling in paperless billing with SmartHub can put extra money in your wallet. 

Your mailbox is full enough -- let's take the electric bill out of it. 

CEC employees and directors, along with members of their immediate families, are ineligible to win the bill credits.

Paperless Benefits